Who We Are
The Center for Technology, Security, and Policy (CTSP) conducts basic and applied research on national and homeland security affairs with emphasis on the relationship between technology and public policy.

What We Do
National and homeland security policy must address multifaceted and interconnected political, economic, social, technological, and information systems that present unique problems in complexity and decision making.  Virginia Tech approaches these problems through trans-disciplinary research that combines public policy experience with academic inquiry and decision support technologies to meet the requirements of complex policy and operational challenges. 

CTSP appreciates that technology is central to the emergence of new threats and to the organization of the countervailing forces to oppose them.  It recognizes that vulnerabilities often emerge at the organizational seams in complex systems and that integration of multiple disciplines is essential to security policy formulation. The use of technology in support of policy formulation and decision making is a major CTSP focus area. 

The Center is dedicated to basic and applied research, education, service, and excellence.  It has four objectives:

•   Support strategic and operational policy makers at the national, state, and local levels of government and within the private sector through basic and applied research in national and homeland security policy and decision making in complex environments.
•   Provide knowledge and insight for civilian, military, academic, and private sector leaders through education in national and homeland security theory, strategy, operations, and programs
•   Create affordable solutions for communities, states, and the nation to address the challenges of providing security while preserving freedom and individual liberty in the 21st century
•  Serve as a national repository of recognized expertise in security theory, strategy, operational planning, integration, resource allocation, and decision support technology that supports the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life

Bruce Lawlor, D.Sc.
Director, CTSP
Virginia Tech-NCR
900 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22203
(571) 858-3120
(571) 518-3015 (fax)



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