Frederick Krimgold

Major General Bruce M. Lawlor

Frederick Krimgold is a member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, The American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Institute of Building Sciences Consultative Council. He currently serves as Co-Director of the World Institute for Disaster Risk Management and as a consultant to the Disaster Management Facility of the World Bank.  His principal areas of research have included seismic design decision analysis, benefit/cost analysis of earthquake mitigation measures, post-earthquake search and rescue, institutional development for disaster management and market incentives for mitigation investment.  Frederick Krimgold has also worked on the evaluation of earthquake hazards in existing buildings including the development of integrated, incremental strategies for earthquake hazard reduction in existing facilities.  Dr. Krimgold has served as a member of the Building Research Board of the National Research Council and as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Advisory Board.  

Dr. Krimgold holds a Doctorate of Technology in Architecture and Planning from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Yale University.